Don't.. look at me, and don't remind me.. don't mention the things I see floating through your mind, transparent eyes you have this incredible ability to hide nothing whilst trying desperately to do anything but tell me the truth.

I've never asked much from my friends, aside from perhaps a late night shoulder to cry on and even that is too much for you, anymore. I am not.. doing so well but you hadn't even noticed, I'm sure of that, you play the victim so well, better than I ever could, would want to. I'd admire it if I were prone to placing admiration in faults. It is a fault.. you don't know that, do you?

I play all of my problems down, until they become nothing and I like to put them under a microscope, next to the real problems in the world. They seem less significant that way, in general, even if they are significant to me. I do it for everyone else because I couldn't deal with the stuff in my head on top of everyone else's.

I'm thinking about me.. I don't do this very often. I'm thinking about what I want, where I want to end up in the next year or so. Who I want to be in my life and who I would like to push out of it.. confusing, to say the least.. but not as complicated as I thought it might be. I need to make a few plans, I think..

.. this could take all night.

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