A swarm of meteorites could crash into the Earth, wiping out all life.

You could contract a strange virus while riding the bus, and die.

Just as you are about to fall asleep one night, a pair of cats could start to.... ahem.... make disturbing noises.

You could stub your toe.

She could fall out of love with you.

Just as you are about to fall asleep one night, a coyote could begin to howl.

You could realize that you are growing old, and that your personality is slowly changing, so that you will eventually become paranoid and distrustful of everyone around you, a shut-in whose entire existence revolves around rituals of worry about whether the delivery boy has poisoned your food.

It could rain.

You could be walking down the produce aisle one day and trip and fall into a bin of watermelons, and somehow one of the melons gets stuck on your head like a spheroid hat, and somebody happens to catch this on their cellphone camera, and they post it to the Internet, and it goes viral, and for months after that your family and coworkers could call you "trippy melonhead."

Just as you are about to fall asleep one night, a baby could grumpily wake up and cry.

A lion could escape from the zoo and eat you.

You could wake up under a sheet, pulled back by a man dressed as a doctor, who tells you, "ok, the experiment is over, you can go on your way." He walks you to a door, where you step out into the sunlight on a nondescript street, and as you hear the door slam shut behind you, you realize that you have no recollection of who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing.

You could go to a party, and somebody could slip something in your drink, and the next thing you know, you've been sold as a sex slave to a bondage fetishist.

A gas leak could build up to the point where an accidental spark ignites an inferno, immolating you.

You could become a rock star, but find that you have let it get to your head, driven away all your true friends, and surrounded yourself with sycophants who you don't really like, and who don't really like you.

A time-traveling robot from the future could appear and tell you that your continued existence will lead to horrible suffering for all mankind, unless you end it immediately.

Just as you are about to fall asleep one night, you could up and die for no reason.

You could fail to notice a restricted parking sign, and get a ticket.

A crappy sappy boy band could make a song which you absolutely hate, but which for some reason becomes wildly popular, and is on the radio all the time, and a bunch of people you know make it their ring-tone.

A corrupt police officer trying to make his arrest quota could pull you over for no reason, claim that you're acting suspiciously, and ask to check the trunk; once there, he plants cocaine and arrests you for drug dealing. Despite all your protestations of innocence, you are convicted and sent to prison, where you are beaten until you become somebody's bitch.

You could hear somebody humming a few notes from a song which sounds hauntingly familiar, but which you are unable to find, no matter how hard you search.

You could develop Internet addiction.

But I hope none of these things happen to you. Blessings!!

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