Delicacy to obsess over. Condense my world down within a narrow radius hinting near edge features. Shear the future and past, resultingly similar. Let it layer beauty over what we have in an ability kin to blanketing snow.

Closest deep inside as I wander through cool moisture laden air, the lights focused to a narrow cone slicing forth a swirling highlight. So crisp clean the helplessly world slips apart on all sides while my mind is held fast by the moment. Narrowly twisting between rising lumps in the grass, these lights follow a path growing successively smaller into the distance. Tempting, as it recedes to nothing. Knowing inside, to enter and pierce this wonder would shatter blemmish the imprint so chillingly burned to memory.

Lights, lonely sentries slanted orange and wonderful. Clumsy industrial structures which find grace only in their purpose by light are blessed twofold during a thick foggy night. Tendrils of interlocking twisted beams shift into abstracted glimpses of broken soft hues. Twenty feet of perception ahead as the needle climbs deep into the am hours, driving like this would be shattered by the company of another without the most carefuly chosen silence.

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