Thetford Academy is Vermont's oldest secondary school, located in the town of Thetford. Chartered by the State of Vermont in 1819 to "prepare students in classical languages, mathematics,'natural philosophy' and the arts" it has always been open to both boys and girls.

This "private school with a public mission" is built on Thetford Hill and includes five school buildings, a maintenance garage, two residences, athletic fields and 140 acres of forest. There are no admission requirements other than residency in a designating town. About 350 students attend grades 7 through 12 at the school.

The Academy emphasizes reading and mathematics skills in its curriculum. Athletics are viewed as other opportunities for learning. Supported sports include cross country, soccer, basketball, skiing, softball, baseball, track and field and golf at the Varsity, Junior Varsity and Junior High levels.

Although the original buildings burned down in 1942, the surrounding community cooperated to raise money for rebuilding and the new Academy was located on a farm close by the old location.

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