i don't want to hear the music when i forget how to breathe
there were no reasons for the sky or the rain that day
sometimes light just falls too hard and it crushes you
and you can't see (further) and you can't sleep (less)
it wasn't because the diamond sliced spheres fear
it hurt too much to cry blood
it always hurts to bleed too slowly when you just want to feel

it seemed like there were not enough spaces between the
tiny pieces of glass that spilled, backwards across
plastic and tumbling veils that fell over lips (eyes)

i didn't ask you to love the sunset because i knew it was just another end, to you and you are so tired of everything ending but could you love that i loved it. or could you slide your lips along the moon tonight, for me, or anyone who just needs to sleep, but not here, in everyones own little can.

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