The main continent in the world of 7th Sea. One large River splits the continent in two. The people of Theah roughly correspond to those of our own Europe in the 15th century.

Nations of Theah:

  • Avalon - Roughly parallel to King Arthur's Great Brittain, with a doomed Queen desperately trying to protect her nations newfound autonomy with a stance of neutrality and all of the Glamour she can muster.
  • Castille - Similar to Spain, the Castillian love of life shows through in every aspect of their life, even their fighting style. They are currently losing ground in a massive land war against Montaigne. They have recently become the haven of the church, and as a result have eschewed sorcery.
  • Eisen - Historical Germany, shortly after a massive religious civil war, the Eisen are tactical masters. The destruction of their homelands has forced many Eisen to become mercenaries. The current crop of Eisen is mud, the people are starving, and the Eisen have no sorcery. However, never count out the Eisen. Their weapons and armor forged of the magically hard Dracheneisen metal mirror their wills.
  • Montaigne - Based on France, just before the revolution, Montaigne is a nation where the nobles are rich and live in a disgusting state of opulence, while the Montaigne people starve from taxation and poverty. The debaucherous lifestyle of the Montaigne nobility has caused the church to excommunicate the entire nation, which doesn't worry the nobles a whit. The masses of Montaigne, however, feel otherwise, and the growing discontent of the populace is raising eyebrows among everybody but the Montaigne nobility. The Montaigne mastery of Porte makes very little unaccessible to their nobility.
  • Vendel - The traders from the north have abandoned their Vestenmanavenjar <sp?> origins, and no longer raid the coastlines, instead trading the coastlines, and this nation has risen from obscurity by generating the most commonly accepted form of currency, the Guilder. The Vendel believe that money is the true form of power, but dissension has caused Vesten traditionalists to wage a bitter war with their rune magic.
  • Vodacce - Vodacce is a land where even the most beautiful and innocent lady's veil can hide unmatched cunning and deceit. The Vodacce are masters of intrigue, and are waging a bitter war against the Vendel, who have usurped them as the leaders of trade. Vodacce fate witches have been known to cause grown men to scream in terror by merely threatening to raise their veils...

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