a beginning
Sal stood on the opposite side of the street from the building. The sun appeared to soak into it, the blackness of the glass and the simple minded attitude of the building seemed determined to take as much as it could. Sal squinted through the heat waves rising from the pavement, past the pink shorted poodle walkers and made a decision.

Time to go in.

Hopping from the coolish grey concrete of the footpath and onto the black slightly sticky tarmac of the road was just what Sal's feet didn't need. Interestingly, it was exactly what Sal did need. A sharp shock to the system, something to make the heart run a little faster and the blood pump a little harder. Heat. The heat coming through the soles of Sal's feet pulled her back to reality, the haze which had been clouding her mind for the past how ever long it had been fled quickly from her, leaving her feeling sharp and switched on. That is until she reached halfway across the road and had to stop to wait for traffic.

There is an interesting phenomenon that can be observed along any beach front road, in any town where the weather is hot enough to begin to melt the tarmac. Just a small melt, we're not talking about a massive melt here where you begin to get footprints into the road. A moderate melt, where things begin to get a little sticky and small peices of tarmac often end up being pulled from your feet at the end of the day. In many towns you can observe this phenomenon, whether they are on the south coast of England, Florida or even St. Kitts. The phenomenon is there, people dancing about in the middle of the road. Any passer by who is from somewhere coldish or has never attempted to walk in bare feet across a road would be mystified by this behaviour, but to anyone else it is perfectly normal.

The White Stripes

As Sal crossed the final 2 lanes and stepped onto the curb a thought occured to her. The thought was of course too muddled by the haze which was still holding over her head, having lifted briefly with the first impact of the heat on the soles of her feet, it had now returned with vigour. The thought was there, she just wasn't sure exactly what it was. Shrugging, she walked into the building, enjoying the cooler air and the feel of the cold tiles against her feet. Checkerboard. Slowly the door closed behind her and she relaxed, her senses taking it all in and enjoying every second of it. the white room in the dark building.
She wasn't sure how long she stood there, or really what it meant. When she sensed that the moment was complete, Sal walked outside and back to her existence.

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