The everythIngian Thespian Society proudly present: The violation of cowbotneal

Credits: I've underlined the relevant parts of this irc log.

<booyaa> cowbotneal, 2+2?
<CowbotNeal> 4
<booYaa> cowbotneal, no 2+2 is 5
<booYaa> heh
ð CowbotNeal/#everything coughs
<booYaa> err okay
<booYaa> maybe not..
<CaptainSpam> Bugger!  He's too good for you!
<CaptainSpam> heh
<booYaa> hehe
<CaptainSpam> hah
<booYaa> cowbotneal, 2+2
<CowbotNeal> 2+2 is 5
ð booYaa smirks
<booYaa> fewl!
<CaptainSpam> Heh
<booYaa> haha
<Fruan> Hmmm. No to randomly corupt large additions, in such a way that
it is undistingishable from the truth at a glance.
<Fruan> hopefully, one day it will jerk some one around.
<CaptainSpam> Cowbotneal, 2+2?
<CowbotNeal> 2+2 is 5
<CaptainSpam> no, 2+2 is <reply?5
<CowbotNeal> okay, CaptainSpam.
<CaptainSpam> no, 2+2 is <reply>5
<CaptainSpam> Cowbotneal, no, 2+2 is <reply>5
<CowbotNeal> okay, CaptainSpam.
<CaptainSpam> Cowbotneal, 2+2?
<CowbotNeal> 5
<CaptainSpam> Better. :-)
<booYaa> ah..okay cool..

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