"Hey, baby. Wanna buy some Girl Scout cookies?"

"Um. Aren't you a bit old to be a Girl Scout?"

"I ain't had no complaints yet, big boy. So you want some cookies?"

"Well, I don't know. I've been trying to watch my weight..."

"Oh, come on. You ain't that heavy."

"No, really, I think I'll have to pass--"

"Hey, you seem kinda tense, don't ya?"

"Tense? No, not particularly..."

"Yeah, your muscles are all knotted, I can tell. Here, sit down over here, and I'll give you a backrub, 'kay?"

"What? No, listen, you can't just barge into my house and--"

"Hush, baby. Here, how's this feel?"

"Hey, I don't -- oww! Hey, that really feels pretty good, ya know?"

"Yeah, I know. That's just what your neighbor said, too."

"Mr. Wallace? Did you -- Oww! -- give him a backrub, too?"

"Oh, you bet. He bought 140 boxes of cookies, too."

"A -- A hundred and forty boxes of cookies?!?"

"All Samoas. Damnedest thing."

"Whatever possessed him to buy -- Owww! Jesus, that feels great!"

"Yeah. Here, how 'bout if I rub... here?"

"Jesus, Mary, and Bob Denver!"

"Right. You sure you don't want any cookies?"

"M-Maybe a b-b-box or two..."

"Lemme just rub a little harder..."

"Okay. Okay, maybe th-three... four boxes..."

"Is that all?"

"Umm. Six. Seven. A duh-duh-dozen! F-Fifty!"

"Hmm. How 'bout...now?"


"And Tagalongs?"

"F-Four boxes..."

"Mm-mmm. I'm definitely going to camp this year!"

Oh Gawd! That nodeshell is sooo BIG!

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