...is that sometimes, the bad job they do can be so, well... tantalizing.

From a young lady's home page, which I finally deduced was in Dutch:

[Hoi] my reputation is [Lay].

I have been 1.m70 wide.

Have been slim and have weakly [getinte] skin.

And normal my lifetime is 21[j].

I [ontvang] yours within my flat within Mole.

Mole is situated between Eindhoven and Antwerp exit 25 trend [retie] Mole from [Breda] trend [Chaam] Stretcher

[Nassau] [Turnhout] yonder the orbital road worn (go on intercourse) and then trend stale-[Turnhout] [retie] Mole prime will I yours tell what one [uurtje] with my volume prime travel we the [ontvangstruimte] worthy we whilst one plate glass wine whether recent together better become acquainted

subsequently travel we together within bath worthy I yours with pate until toe wax

subsequently travel we the [relaxruimte] worthy yours one erotic massage receives and when yours [wilt] one [body] [to] [body] massage

subsequently( one's then yet worn [spanningvolgt]) oral and intimate touch

kiss and [beffen] is allowed in case the [mondhygiëne] ranch is

everything that speaks for itself [safevoor]( your [én] my own best interests)

Normal one's too other fantasy potential.

Now, I have a rough idea as to what she's talking about, but what I really want to know is what the heck "toe wax" is, and whether or not I'd enjoy one....

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