It's the end of summer, six o'clock in the morning, and I am sitting atop a pylon by the dock. I am watching the water, the clouds and the sunrise, being sad. Fisherman have been putting their boats out for the past half hour, generally ignoring me. My hair is being blown about by the breeze, and shining a brighter red from the early sun then I hear;
"You look very pretty sitting there like that, someone should take a picture of you for your boyfriend."

Startled, I look over and there is an old man, obviously a seaman of many years smiling up at me.
"You're going to miss him, but it will be okay."He says, as he starts to untie his boat from the dock.

Bemused by his accuracy, I smile a bit and he tells me,
"Thats better. You have everything to smile about today," (he gestures around at the ocean, the beautiful day) "and don't worry too much about that boyfriend of yours, you'll both move on."
With that, he shoved the boat off from the dock and I haven't seen him again, (though I haven't spent much time sitting on pylons at 6am lately.)

How did he know I was in a doomed relationship, that was to end 2 days afterward? How did he know that very soon after I would move on- to find the man I am about to marry? Kevin moved on too, he has had many new girlfriends since, but he still carries that picture of me atop the pylon in his wallet.

"It's true, all true," she said.

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