As Ford Prefect put it in The Hichhiker's Guide To The Galaxy:

"They care, we don't. They win."

This is true. Many of us goes around everyday totally ignorant of things that happens around us at all times. You cannot be fully aware of everything (pun intended), because that would just be too much information going trough your brain, and I very much doubt your brain would stand it.

This is usually a bad idea, because what you perceive is what you learn. But, you can gain things with total ignorance. Read the next paragraph for an example of this:

So, there are times when the power of ignorancy is very very useful. Take for example the basic saying:

"If I ignore the problem long enough, it will go away sooner or later."

This is partially true. An example:

There is a girl in your neighbourhood, school or whatever who likes you very much and constantly try to get your attention because her love for you is tearing her apart inside. You, on the other hand, dislikes her very much, and don't want to get to know her at all. So what do you do? You simply ignore her totally. Ignorance is the key here, because sooner or later she will give up both her love, and trying to get your attention.

Now, ask yourself this question:

"Was this a very nice way of handling the problem?"

Some people would say yes, because they simply don't care. Others (who might be seen upon as slightly more sane) would say no. Why?

And one more thing, those people who say "absolutely not!" to the way you handled this problem will probably do the same thing once in their lives. So are they hypocrites?

Just a thought.

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