Yesterday, I went to Six Flags New England, formerly known as Riverside. They have three new rollercoasters open this year, and I luuuuuuuurrve rollercoasters, so I took a day off and decided to go.

The highlight out of the new rollercoasters was definitely Superman - Ride of Steel. The thing is over a mile long, takes 155 seconds from start to finish, and tops out at 77 miles per hour through loops, and tunnels full of steam. Altogether not too shabby as rollercoasters go.

More fantastic than the ride, though, was the queue line for the ride. Seriously, this was one of the most disturbing things I've ever been herded into. To get into the line, you wait in this little pavillion building, where a few lazy turns puts you outside and in the actual queue. From there, it gets confusing. I'm betting, from the air, the metal bar human-herding device looks like something M.C. Escher might have dreamed up if he was a civil engineer. There were four quadrants to the maze of fencing, and they looped back and forth and around each other. Ostensibly, they could close or open parts of the maze to make the queue line longer or shorter. The truly frustrating part was that you couldn't TELL how far it was from wherever you were standing to the ride platform. You had NO idea. You wander aimlessly back and forth and around and you have no sense that you're getting closer to the platform, since a good portion of the line seems to lead further away from the platform. When you finally get into the building that shields the platform from the weather, you are treated to a few more turns and helpless herding back and forth before you FINALLY reach the platform. There must have been 600 people in that line, and it took us about half an hour to get through it..

But we thought we'd NEVER escape.. the Line from Hell.

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