I went to buy some computer parts yesterday. The place I bought them from was recommended by a friend, who was recommended by another friend, who's aunt .....

Anyway, I check out this place's web site, and find that it is the best stocked, and cheapest place in my country.

So I get the address off the web site and drive to the "shop". I come to some house in the middle of suburbia. I walk up to the front door, thinking I could ask for directions. On the door is an A4 piece of paper:

Dragon PC
Come In :-)

Sure enough this was the place, I go in and this guy is sitting on his couch.
"Hey Man, what can i do you for"
"Ahh, the creative speakers, the ahh $150 ones"
I bought the speakers and left, feeling really weird about the place.

Upon later contemplation, the genius of it dawned on me. This guy has no overheads, save hosting of a web site. He just sits at home and occasionally awnsers the door. It's like a tinny house but with computer parts.

Because of his lack of overheads, he is able to offer better prices than any other store in the country. Due to this, he is fast becoming the geek shop in New Zealand.

I now believe that this is the future of specialist retail. Whether it be Hi-Fi, computers, or even car parts. These places will frequented, not through flashy advertising, but because they are the best. The big stores will survive, but on the business of average consumers, while enthusiasts will go to the lounges.

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