The other day I was using the ladies room when I saw this: RW + TG . So, someone is in love. There was an unconnected heart drawn around the letters. Does this mean RW doesn't really mean it, that she tried to make a go of it but ultimately found the follow through too hard? RW, commited enough to vandalize, but not enough to fully form this heart...I ponder the implications.

Was the relationship as long lasting as the sharpie imprint it made on the tile? RW was in this stall, sitting on the pot (I can tell from the angle), when it came to her like a vision.

She thought to herself; "Man. Man oh man do I love TG. He is the one for me. I think about him all the time, even now, in a restroom, with my ass hanging over a poop hole, I want everyone to know that I am with someone!"

While emersed in the fug of elimination, I am thinking about their love. Would TG be flattered by this? It could not be for him, this declaration. Unless he sent her in here to prove herself.

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