Romantic comedy directed by Frank Corcai, released in 1998. Set in the 80s (we all remember the 80s, neh?). Robbie Hart is a wedding singer, engaged to Linda. Julia Sullivan is a waitress working banquets and engaged to Glenn Goulia. Robbie and Julia meet the week before Robbie's wedding while working the same wedding reception.

Linda stands Robbie up at the altar, leaving him devistated and no longer able to do weddings. Julia befriends Robbie, they begin hanging out, planning her wedding to Glenn.

Throughout the course of the movie, Robbie discovers what a jerk Glenn is, Julia's cousin Holly tries to hook up with Robbie, Robbie and Julia fall for one another, and the entire movie finishes up with a love song and a Billy Idol cameo. Extremely funny movie.

Robbie Hart--Adam Sandler
Julia Sullivan--Drew Barrymore
Holly Sullivan--Christine Taylor
Sammy--Allen Covert
Glenn Goulia--Matthew Glave
Rosie--Ellen Albertini Dow
Linda--Angela Featherstone
George Selzer--Alexis Arquette

I have the microphone, and you don't, so you will listen to every damn word I say!
--Adam Sandler


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