1997 - The UK. There was a programme called This Morning With Richard Not Judy. The show was anchored and written by Lee and Herring, who also starred in a lot of the sketches it featured.

One of the sketches they didn't star in was 'Pause For Thought', a spoof religious segment where The Actor Kevin Eldon would sport white hair and a holier-than-thou attitude, and deliver a tale of when a questioning youth dared to confront him, or a completely pointless story of God's ways.

"I would like to believe in God", said a naive young man to me. "But there are so many religions in the world, how can I be sure that yours is the correct one?"

"Because", I replied, "all the others are obviously wrong and mine is right!"

In my Father's kitchen there are many cupboards, and yet he always know immediately in which one he keeps the whisk. This is not a metaphor, merely an example of his organisational skills.

You really have to see Kevin's facial twitches, and hear his patronising voice to appreciate the sketches.

The segments routinely brought complaints from pensioners/fundies who 'just so happened' to be watching a completely bizarre comedy programme aimed at students waking up with a hangover on Sunday afternoon.

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