Open it up John.

John looked at him and sighed.

C'mon Dad...

John, open it up now, I want to see what's in there.

John kept it in his room; it was metal and it was wood, and long as it was deep.

It's nothing Dad, it' know...personal. Private.

John for the last time, open it.  Privacy's not the issue. Not with the...not with the trouble we've had lately.

John moved in with his grandmother. After the trouble.

He opened it at night after his grandmother went to bed.

Can't I have any privacy, even a square foot of privacy...

It was metal and it was wood and John didn't want to open it.

Your grandmother has a heart condition, John, you know that. So whatever it is, get rid of it. 

They said Good night and John went to his room where he lived after the trouble.

He waited until his grandmother went to bed.

It was innocence and chance.

John looked at it and sighed.

Nothing lasts forever but the trouble.

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