This is an excerpt from my copy of The "King's English" Dictionary circa 1920s. I don't think copyright is an issue here.

The Ten Rules of Health

  1. Diet: Include in the daily food wholemeal flour and bread, milk (one pint at least, for children whenever possible), green vegetable leaves (cooked and raw) and some fresh fruit (especially orange, lemon, apples or tomato).

  2. Flesh Foods: Eat flesh foods (butcher's meat, fish and fowl) in strict moderation. Milk, cheese and eggs are good and sufficient substitutes for flesh foods. One meat meal a day is, as general rule sufficient.

  3. Internal Cleanliness: Avoid constipation. Endeavour to have an action of the bowel at least twice a day. This should be effected by suitable diet (see Rule 1) and regular habits.

  4. Water: Drink water freely, or it's equivalent in fruit drinks or other non-alcoholic beverages. These should be taken between as well as at meals, and especially on waking.

  5. Fresh Air: Avoid close, stuffy rooms. Work and sleep when possible with the windows open, but not in direct draught.

  6. Sunlight:Take every oportunity of allowing the fresh air and sunlight free access to the skin.

  7. Clothing: We only light, porous underclothing which will enable free action of the skin to take place. Clothing and collars should be loose, avoiding the constriction of any part of the body.

  8. External Cleanliness: Equally important to the healthy functioning of the skin is the daily bath and cleansing of the entire surface of the body.

  9. Clean Mouth: Keep the mouth and teeth scrupulously clean. Brush the teeth and gums at least night and morning, particularly just before going to bed. No food should be taken after the nightly cleansing of the mouth. Keep tooth brushes clean and dry. Eat some coarse, hard food every day.

  10. Exercise: Take out-of-door exercise every day. Also practise daily exercises for a few minutes every morning or evening, especially such as will bring into play the abdominal muscles.

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