Ok, I'll have another one then...

The Sutton Arms is one of these pubs that characterise the area around Smithfield in London and add to its very own working class / financial centre flair. Clerkenwell and the City have benefitted over the last 4 year from a remarkable resurgence in interest in this traditional workingclass area with the arrival of a number of astoundingly good, simple gastropubs.

The Sutton Arms is on a small sidestreet off Goswell Street and is has a simple, cosy, no frills bar with light filtering through the coloured windows, and a beautiful collection of Belgian beers on tap. Service is swift and friendly and the crowd is a mixture of drunken students, city - dwellers in pin stripe and academics.

If this wouldn't be enough to make it a favourite boozer, the Sutton Arms has a dining room upstairs: again, simple and functional interieur, but a great collection of French white wines and a small but interesting menu. Price for a 3 course menu with a shared bottle of wine will cost you ca 30 pounds, a price certainly worth the simple but great food.

All in all a welcome addition to the growing list of Clerkenwell's great pubs.

The Sutton Arms
6 Carthusian Street, London, EC1M 6EB
Nearest Tube Station: Barbican Tel: 020 7253 0723

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