(said of them) Oh, let them. He's only a child...

I'm only a kid, what do you expect?

I'm in college, I'll be responsible when I'm out.

I'm just out of college. I can drink legally. So let me have some fun.

I'm having a quarter-life crisis.
Why are all the hot chicks a year or two younger than me? I've got to make up for lost time.
I've got a job. A career can wait. I want kids, but not now.

I'm not prepared for adulthood, give me another year...

Ack! I'm thirty! I've got to make up for lost time!

I'm having a midlife crisis.
A job and kids...this isn't what I wanted. I mean, I'm still a party animal...
I still don't have a job and kids...what's wrong?

Ack! I'm forty!I've got to make up for lost time!

I'm an empty-nester.
Who wants kids anyway?

Ack! I've turned fifty!

I've joined the Red Hat Society.
I always wanted a sports car. And lots of hot chicks that are younger than me.
And a candy-apple red Stratocaster, with a Marshall half-stack.
I'm making up for when I had to be responsible.

I'm too young to be this old.

I think I'm going senile. That means you can have fun, right?
I mean, I don't need all those brain cells.

You can't take it with you....

(said of them) Oh, let them. He doesn't have much else...

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