Short story by Irvine Welsh, appears in The Acid House collection. The style is typical of Welsh, and is an unexpectedly violent start to the collection.

Written in the first person, from the perspective of a Scotsman nicknamed Jock (we don't find out if this is his real name, more likely it is just what the other main character calls him because he is Scottish).
Jock is a petty criminal, and his partner in crime is a Cockney named Gary, who has just got out of prison. Jock and Gary are owed money by another crook named Whitworth (two thousand pounds to be exact). They hatch a plan to 'teach him a lesson', and make him 'take them seriously'.

What they propose to do, is drive round to Whitworth's, and 'knock seven types of shite out of him', to ensure repayment. However, when Jock turns up with a baseball bat, he is shocked to find Gary holding a shotgun. Gary ensures him that it is not loaded, and that it is only to scare him. When they get to Whitworth's it is clear this is not the case, and Gary murders him, with the explanation that he had been sleeping with his wife whilst Gary was in prison, and abusing his daughter.

They go back to Jock's flat, to get drunk and await the news bulletins. Gary then turns the gun on Jock with the final chilling words :

"I heard you were seeing quite a bit of my missus when I was inside, mate ..."

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