In a bold move, much like the artist Prince did several years back, the popular savior in all Christian religions, Jesus H. Christ, has decided to be referred to from here on as simply "X".

We interviewed Mr. Christ, now X, curious to hear his comments on this decision that some have already labelled as "rash", "foolish", and "blasphemous".

e2: So, Je.. er, X, why did you decide to change your name?
X: Well, that's simple. My name made so many things related to that religion that worships me as the son of God himself unwieldly, and too damn long.
e2: Such as?
X: Christmas can now OFFICIALLY be referred to as Xmas, Christians are Xtians, Christianity is X-tianity. All much shorter, and faster to write in today's wired world. You can much more easily use your Wireless Web-ready phone to wish someone "A Merry Xmas" than a "Merry Christmas", don't you see?
e2: So what do you think of the Pope's move to have you excommunicated and declared legally insane?
X: That guy doesn't even speak English.
e2: Ooh... good point.
X: Of course, that makes any word that uses my letter holy, too. Name recognition will become even easier for me!
e2: eXactly what did you mean by that?
X: See? You just used my name. *sighs happily* Now I can get the attention I deserve.
e2: What does your mother think of this?
X: She's not available to comment. You'd be surprised how hard it is to reach the dead. I'm thinking of calling one of those 1-900 numbers to get a hold of her.
e2: Riiiight. Well, now that we've eXpatiated upon this eXtremely uninteresting subject, have an eXcellent day, Mr. X. *mutters* (for once, I agree with the pope..)

Disclaimer: This is meant to be amusing. No offense was meant to those following Christian religions. Don't take yourself to seriously. =c)

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