Quintessential general interest magazine for middle America for over 270 years, most famous now for its covers by artist Norman Rockwell.

The magazine traces its history back to 1728, considering itself the direct descendant of Benjamin Franklin's Pennsylvania Gazette, although the name didn't become The Saturday Evening Post until 1821. Over the years, it published original fiction by authors like Edgar Allan Poe, Harriet Beecher Stowe, James Fenimore Cooper, Booth Tarkington, Joseph Conrad, O. Henry, Sinclair Lewis, Jack London (The Call of the Wild appeared in its pages) F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Agatha Christie. It was the first American weekly magazine to break the 3 million circulation mark, and reached its peak circulation in 1959 with 6.2 million readers. It actually ceased publication in 1969, but was relaunched in 1971 as a quarterly, then a bimonthly. Now owned and operated by a nonprofit organization, the Benjamin Franklin Literary & Medical Society, the magazine is still aimed at middle America (median age of subscriber: 51, median income: US $51,000; 55% of readers attended college. Only 20% are professionals). Fiction and cartoons remain in the pages, but the editorial content is focused on health issues (the magazine's main competitors are Modern Maturity and Prevention).

Source: http://www.satevepost.org

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