Have you ever found that perfect brew? One gulp and you're more wired than a crackwhore inhaling madly?

Such is the desperation the average worker feels when the daily cappuccino cannot snap a mind out of its "oinly hAd 3 HouURS SlEleep" comatose state. Eventually, your french vanilla jesus no longer has any effect on you, and you need several cups just to stay alive. Of course, you could get more sleep, but where's the fun in that? That would rob you of hours of quality net time!

So what's your point, ZenZagg?

I motion for research and development towards an additive or pill that will wrench you free from the grips of caffeine. No, don't fret just yet, the method is only to eliminate the tolerance! With the help of this drug, one can once again live the night life without consequences!

In the meantime, I have created "CafeHolics NotSoAnonymous" for fellow noders to share their latte hardships through this tough and trying ordeal.

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