In Futurama, the Robot Mafia are three robots with a monopoly on New New York's organised crime scene. They get up to all the usual kinds of Mafia business (e.g. smuggling precious Zuban cigars), although presumably on a somewhat scaller scale than those of the 20th century, given their limited size. Bender was briefly a fourth member, but when forced to choose between the crime life and his Planet Express friends, unexpectedly went for the latter.

The crew are:

Donbot - The leader of the three, a cool, laid-back Sicilian-style crime boss with a passion for Zuban cigars.

Joey Mousepad - The more relaxed of Donbot's two henchmen. Fond of wearing gold chains; also a little slow.

Clamps - A neurotic, hyperactive clamping unit, always willing to clamp the Mafia's enemies but usually denied the opportunity.

Mousepad: He's flashing his cash loaf again.
Donbot: How many times is that, two or three?
Clamps: Three.
Donbot: All right, that's the necessary number of times. That scab's going to have a little on-the-job "accident."
Mousepad: With all due respect, Donbot, I don't think we should rely on an accident happening. Let's kill him ourselves.

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