The Reconcilliation of Lludd the Lesser
Book of Taliesin LIV

IN the name of the God of Trinity, of knowing charity,
A tribe numerous, ungentle their arrogance,
Have overrun Prydain, chief of isles.
Men of the land of Asia, and land of Gafis.
A people of perfect prudence, their country is not known,
Their mother country; they deviated on account of the sea.
Flowing their coats; who is like them?
With discretion let the work of foes be brought about,
Europin, Arafin, Arafanis.
The Christian unmindful was impelled certainly
Before the reconciliation of Lludd and Llevelys.
The possessor of the fair isle trembled
Before the chief from Rome, of splendid terror.
Neither hesitating nor crafty the king, fluent his speech.
Who has seen what I have seen of the strange speech?
There were formed a square mast, the clarions of journey,
Before the presence of Roman leader there is conflagration.
The son of Gradd, of fluent speech, retaliated,
Cymry burning: war on slaves.
I will consider, I will deliberate who caused them to go.
The Brythonic energy arose.

This poem makes reference to the story Lludd and Llefelys in The Mabinogion.

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