Rave parties have become a large international phenomenon and are not necessarily determined by greedy promoters (even though anyone who has participated in a few know they exist). Opposed to club nights, warehouse parties or 'Raves' are alternate locations that are not bound by time restrictions or fire codes which keep rent-a-cops in some countries watching and busting kids too high to know whats going on. The common misperception by the media presenters is that raves are evil bad and monstrously dangerous to society (WHEN RAVES ATTACK!).

An actual rave in the original sense would not be there for the money, but for a good party with great music at the risk of the promoters and DJs who have to bug out at the last minute and take as much of their gear with them as possible when the police start to close in.

There has never been a need to 'rebel' against other scenes, but to release rebellious feelings against society as a whole in a positive way. In any kind of gathering there will ALWAYS be extremists.. those who take the drugs way too far and kill themselves (or only go to raves to sell drugs cut with... turpentine, baby powder, and oil). If you are a careful and thoughtful person, and consider the source of what you ingest, you will not likely have any problems. Or those who take fashion too seriously, also those who take the music l33tism just too far to be able to enjoy any local DJs effort who fails to have a big following or a large name.

The movement of ravers that propagate in/the LARGE raves seems to be a floating oil scum on the waves of commercialism that washes over the "Music" scene itself...

At least this is mainly the case in North America. Other events may be called concerts, such as the "rave" in the Panasonic movie studio in Toronto where i saw Orbital playing live. The raver movement is oft used to sell clothes, drugs, and often cheap uninspired music.

If you want to take the raver movement back, DIY. Start your own parties.. small intimate and fun. Celebrate the music and your friends, Fuck PLUR, just have a good time and if drugs enhance it then great.. but make sure you know whats going down. Hardcore, you know the score!

i've been in the scene since 1990

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