In the old Mickey Mouse comics, some of Mickey's adventures were less "cartoonish" and more "mature", often pitting the rodent against mad scientists and criminal geniuses. One such lord of crime was the Phantom Blot (sometimes just The Blot), a tall, enigmatic figure dressed head to toe in black, with two white blobs on his hood-like mask to represent eyeholes. He made his first apperance in "Mickey Outwits the Phantom Blot", by Floyd Gottfredson.

The origins of the Phantom Blot are shrouded in mystery (at least, as far as I know), thought he apparently works for a syndicate of some unnamed country. In the comics, this devious criminal mastermind has butted heads with Mickey and his friends time and again. He also appeared in one episode of Ducktales, and in a cartoon on "Mickey's Mouseworks".

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