A band that I vaguely remember being popular during the early 1980s due to the fact that there are laws that dictate how much broadcasted content must be Canadian.

The Parachute Club was out of Toronto and they liked to use scenery around the city for their videos, as they used the CN Tower in their video for "Rise Up" and one of the beautiful beaches of Lake Ontario for the video of "Feet of the Moon".
The Parachute Club, so-called because they 'parachuted' into gigs together, were quite well-known, particularly in Toronto.

The members were Billy Brayans, Lauri Conger, Margo Davidson, Dave Gray, Julie Masi, Lorraine Segato, and Steve Webster.

'RISE UP' did receive a lot of air play; it was a wonderful song. And it boasts lyrics extolling revolution. In later years, the song was used by a right-wing politician, without the permission of the composers, as his theme song. He didn't realize what the lyrics meant. What's new!

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