Often overlooked by those skimming the Feminist Movement in favor of more modern revolutionaries, this amazing line of women changed their own pre-World War Era in order to gain equality (or a closer approximation of it) to men.

Emmeline Pankhurst was the mother and founder of the WSPU, or Women's Social and Political Union. Under her guidance, the suffragettes protested parliament through picketing, sit-down strikes, and other peaceful ptrotests. These protests were often met with physical and sexual abuse.

Emmeline's daughter, Christabel Pankhurst worked with her mother for many years and finally resorted to more desperate measures. Bombs, window-smashing, and house-burning became the new method. Upon imprisonment, the feminists began hunger striking, which was met with forced feedings. Finally, under the guidance of Emmeline's other daughter, Sylvia Pankhurst, (a fellow activist), a committee was formed to mobilize the masses of women, a force which finally overcame (after WWI) and gave women the right to vote.

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