A strip club in North Las Vegas, Nevada, located at 1848 Las Vegas Blvd. It is unique in the area for its ability to offer full nudity and alcohol in the same establishment.

Obnoxious laws were passed after the creation of the Palomino that made it illegal to present full nudity and alcohol in the same establishment, and due to a convenient location, and a good amount of luck, the Palomino was "grandfathered" by the county and city governments to permit its business to continue. No other strip club since the inception of these laws is permitted to serve alcohol if they also have strippers that take everything off. I guess it's okay for men to be drunk when they see breasts, but they'd better be sober when they spot a vagina or an anus.

The Palomino is located in a somewhat "gritty" part of North Las Vegas, where tourists aren't quite as comfortable as they are on the Fremont Street Experience or the Las Vegas Strip. It offers free self-parking and paid valet parking. Cover for out-of-towners is going to be stiff, at least $15, but probably more, and does not include drinks. There is a drink minimum as well.

The club offers a free shuttle service from hotels (and probably other spots if you're polite enough when you ask); call them to have them send the shuttle to fetch you.

The general consensus is that the strippers who work at this club range from "hey, she's not bad" to "I would kill my own mother to be with that woman", and that because of the price of admission the "hustle" at this place is pretty mild.

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