The Oregonian is Portland's (OR) only daily newspaper, and as such is the city's main source of printed information. Unfortunately, the paper has a biased bent, in the direction of the politically conservative. As one of America's more radical cities, Portland is in the ridiculous position of a progressive area stuck with a gluey, pretentious and monetarily-preoccupied newspaper. The travesty is slight, for there are other media outlets, but, with no competition on a daily printed scale, the Oregonian wins a victory for the close-minded.

It now also has to deal with a much more obnoxious weekly, the Mercury, which makes not only the Oregonian, but the aforementioned Willamette Week look like nursing home inhabitants during a street riot. To this end, things are looking up for Portland, but the Mercury is hardly a serious attempt at journalism, more of a left-wing kneejerk reaction to the likes of the Oregonian, and a hipster's weekly update.

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