The bi-annual OpenBSD song, this time spoofing Darpa, Billa Gates and Dubya

OpenBSD, the free operating system by Theo de Raadt and his collaborators features a new version of their highy acclaimed, secure (and extremely easy to install) operating system every 6 month: available on CD from their headquarter from Canada, this distribution not only features ports and packages for a number of different hardware platforms, but also a brillant song , featuring this issue's theme.

OpenBSD 3.5 was shortly released after the controversy regarding Darpa's funding: after 2 years of Darpa funding , the U.S. Ministry of Defense scrapped the funding for OpenBSD after Theo made some critical remarks about the Iraq war.

Puffy the Fish being the Mascot of OpenBSD this song is all about him fighting the horrible Sherrif and the evil Bill Gates, all packed into a fun minstrel song cum folk anthem cum rap, courtesy of the brillant Plaid tongued Devils:

Sir Puffy of Ramsay was a wandrin'
Through forests of seaweed all alone
He had found the crusades
were an endless charade
So for now he called Nothing Hack home

One day he met Little Bob of Beckley
Beat him fair on a log-in by staff
Clever chums they did find
other fish of their kind
Thwarting evil with humppa and math

Now trouble was a brewin' when the Good King was away
The Sheriff came a callin' for the poor to pay
With CD's and their freedom
for to share online
And burning down the village cause he was a slime

So Puffy and his buddies took the booty from the rich
and turned it into a system to protect poor fish
Sent out by Hook or a Wim
to the teaming schools
Town cryers were on fire cause the crypto ruled!

They called it "BSD"!
And "Open" because it's always free
So raise up your glass and
three cheers to the Funny
Fish for never running
and making something good!
And here's to Puffy Hood!

Aaaw! Word to the sea y'all
The Hood's a bad ball
Ya underneath he's a heathen and a traitor
He can take from you all and say "later!"
Think he's a hero?
Naw he ain't lovin' ya
He gettin' richer than Bill Gates and Dubya
Read the Wanted poster
of Sheriff Plac-o-derm fool
We gettin' back the booty
or we take away your worms too

Yo! Word to the classes
Put on your glasses
I guess the Sheriff is King till this passes
Times are a changin' and movin' so fast
He says "Give me your freedom,
I'll grasp it and pass it to brass
who can hash it for weapons of massive distraction.
And hand me the bastards that brashly amassed from the cash
happy faction of oily and gassy co-action".
No! Don't hand em dick, grab a stick, keep attacking for freedom
and hack till the King cometh back and leave em'

Then trouble was a rollin' with an army on the run
The Sheriff came a callin' for the spikey one
And took back all the booty
Puff intended for the poor
The Arch-a-thon went on despite the mighty roar

Puff snuck into the castle, and found the treasure hill
And also found Maid Marlin held against her will
He loaded all the loot
to give it back and big surprise
He took the maiden too, 'cause she was easy on the eyes

They called it "BSD"!
And "Open" because it's always free
So raise up your glass and
three cheers to the Funny
Fish for never running
and making something good!
And here's to Puffy Hood!

Music, Co-arrangement, Recording, Mixing, Drum Programming, Bass, Organ, and Violin by Jonathan Lewis. Co-Arrangement, Lyrics, and Main Vocals by Ty Semaka. Back-vocals by Bob Beck, Calvin Beck, Theo de Raadt, Alan Kolodziejzyk, Jonathan Lewis & Peter Valchev. Rap #1 by Richard Sixto. Guitar by Chantal Vitalis.

Lyrics reproduced in accordance of e2's copyright policy by permission of Ty Sedaka.

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