Each item on this list is worth a certain number of points. Some of the items describe actions to be performed, some require that a certain event, person, or object be proven to exist or be possible. Points will be awarded if sufficient proof is given that the action has been performed or that the event/person/object exists or could exist, as applicable. Especially clever proofs will be awarded bonus points.
  • Go for one week without using the word "should." -- 10 points.
  • Go for one week without using the word "I" -- 20 points.
  • Go for one week without using any form of the verb "to be." -- 50 points.
    (the above three items require that you carry on with a reasonably normal life, involving at least some conversation -- ie no meditation retreats.)
  • Write a three page short story or essay using only the subjunctive mood -- 30 points.
  • Rise above yourself -- 35 points
  • Find criteria and evidence for the existence of a normal person. -- 100 points
  • Find criteria and evidence for the passage, at any time in history, of a normal day. -- 100 points.
  • For exactly three seconds -- no more, no less -- be stationary with respect to the center of the universe -- 50 points.
  • Conclusively prove or disprove the existence of God without using any form of human language. (Sign language is not allowed, but gestures, paintings, sculptures, and actions, are allowed.) -- 80 points.
  • Fuck yourself -- 40 points.
  • Tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth -- 75 points.
  • Acheive 100 or fewer points on this scavenger hunt -- 101 points.

More to come, suggestions and additions are welcome.

Sources and inspiration for some of the items on this list come from: Robert Anton Wilson, Alan Watts, Alfred Korzybski.

This has been an exercise in thinking about what you say before you say it.

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