The Next Hundred Years was the third and final album released by Ted Hawkins, and his first release on a major recording label. The album was mostly his work, but did have a few cover songs. It was certainly the most polished sounding of his albums, but I liked the "raw" sound of some of his earlier work. He did record a few tracks on each of his previous albums using bands or backup vocals, but The Next Hundred Years had supporting musicians on every track. Even "There Stands the Glass" had percussion and Hawaiian guitar backing him up. Fortunately, his voice is the reason you listen to Hawkins, and it was never better than on this album. You've never heard "Long As I Can See The Light" like this before.

Track list:

  1. Strange Conversation (Ted Hawkins)
  2. Big Things (Ted Hawkins)
  3. There Stands the Glass (Hull, Shurtz and Pierce. A completely acoustic version with alternate lyrics can be found on a compilation called "Songs From Venice Beach".)
  4. Biloxi (Winchester)
  5. Groovy Little Things (Ted Hawkins)
  6. The Good and the Bad (Ted Hawkins)
  7. Afraid (Ted Hawkins)
  8. Green-Eyed Girl (Ted Hawkins)
  9. Ladder of Success (Ted Hawkins)
  10. Long As I Can See The Light (John Fogerty)

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