So, I Denythe lucid pearl --that from my eyes should fall.

Reaching inside my body,in which a sorrow blood still flows,

My flesh is all so rotten.

And all the books are read.


My inability to reach inside myself, tempting me with such sweetness

- you -

Owning all of my kisses, and all my particles too...I still can hear your whispering through my hair and the sound waves arousing my cochlea  are sending depolarizing membrane potentials to my Limbic System . My will can no longer control my inner beast and  walls are falling brick by brick...

Clothes are shattered piece by piece.

Our Bodies engulfing each other like Macrophages on Bacteria .

Your lips caress my shoulders, eating my breast, devouring every molecule of me...

I want .

I ache.

A twisted feeling is burning my thighs, craving and despising at the same instant !

So horrid, that it hurts !

 And my eyes drink all the make-up, mourning for the last lost encumbrance.


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