The Ministry of Knowledge is perhaps the longest running UNIX BBS system in Rhode Island, run by a man known as daver. While I do not know daver personally, I do talk to him from time to time on his nvchat server at

I logged on TMoK a few times during my scant time in the RI BBS scene. Mostly it was a large collection of text files containing everything from the Anarchist's Cookbook to guides on phreaking. It was also a depository for various Cult of The Dead Cow files. There were also the typical message boards where users could write and post their thoughts, ideas and inane ramblings. The BBS also provided shell accounts through which users could access the Internet. The great thing about this was that this BBS was also free, unlike some BBSes in RI.

The BBS is still up and running today. However, as the general case has been, people who dial in are almost non-existent and user activity has declined since the BBS's inception in 1992.

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