Though warnings about the dire consequences of bringing outside food into a restaurant, bar or pub are common-place, I was stunned too. A few days ago I frequented one of a few drinking establishments in my city still unfamiliar to me. As I was reclining and enjoying my beer, my eyes met the above disclaimer (or words to that effect). And so, for the next five minutes I pondered the notice.

The road on which the aforementioned public house was placed was well-served by a multitude of ethnic European take-aways so I assumed this was the "food" of which the sign spoke. Obviously, every sign of that nature has a story or situation behind it, as to why it is there in the first place and this set my imagination rolling. Which litigious soul(s) sought financial recompense from The Management for injury/illness brought on by food they had purchased and eaten discreetly in the bar area?

My cerebral ramblings were interrupted by rumblings from my stomach. And so, I left to fill myself with the culinary delights offered by the nearest kebab house. Needless to say, I didn't return to the place but found an alternative drinking establishment in which the food could be devoured, so I could sue them if it made me sick.

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