Did you know that brain waves are carried on the electromagnetic waves of mobile phone signals?1

What is it?

The Magic Ray is a free digital character reading service. The website claims "The MAGIC RAY can separate these brain patterns from your mobile signal and provide a fascinating insight into the inner workings of your mind."2

How does it work?

Accessing www.magicray.co.uk through a mobile telephone will allow you to use the service and have it 'read your mind'. Visiting the same site using an internet browser on a computer provides background to the service, an archive of links and offers an opportunity to answer questions that claim to 'calibrate' the mind reading system.

Will it read my mind?

I am personally sceptical about such things, as I am sceptical about almost everything, so when this website floated into my sphere of awareness I didn't think it would reveal anything more about me that I already knew.

I was interested though, so I bashed the address into my mobile (a Nokia N70), loaded up the site and followed the instructions. Intriguingly, I was informed that I was someone who was destined for success in life, and I was also a person who was sceptical about mind reading.

I think it's fair to say that I still hold that belief having used the service, but one large plus for the Magic Ray is the humour that permeates the pages. The person or team behind the site made me chuckle on more than one occasion. How many other places on the internet get you to refine a system by which kind of pizza you identify with most?

But do not take my word for it. Visit the site yourself and see what the Magic Ray can tell you!

1 & 2 from http://www.magicray.co.uk/web/webindex.html

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