The Maccabi Games or “Maccabiah” is basically the Jewish Olympics. Where Jewish athletes from all over the world come to Israel to compete at various events and to deepen and strengthen the connection between Jews around the world and the state of Israel.

The Maccabiah is the world’s 3rd largest sporting event and has a little village built in Ramat Gan specially to accommodate the athletes and offices of the Maccabi Movement.

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The Maccabi Games only involve kids ages 12 - 16 and promotes strengthening the international Jewish community through fair sportsmanship and education. Participants are required to participate in volunteer community services for a certain number of hours and to involve themselves in Israel education. Rising Jewish sports figures, such as Tamir Goodman, give motivational speeches to both parents and athletes. Athletes learn about the community that sponsors the games by living in people's homes and having a personal tour of the area by host families.

The Games also commemorate the massacre of 11 Israeli athletes by Black September at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich.

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