Charlie and Ira Louvin were a 1950s country music team, that took the close harmony singing style of the brother duets of the 1930s, and updated the sound. Charlie played guitar, and Ira played mandolin and wrote most of their songs. Though starting as a gospel duet, once they auditioned and were hired by The Grand Ole Opry, they turned their talents to secular tunes. 1955 and 1956 saw them send hit after hit into the Top Ten: "When I Stop Dreaming," "You're Running Wild," "I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby," and "Cash on the Barrelhead." With the advent of rock and roll, country artists were pressured to change their sound. The brothers recorded one rockabilly album that went nowhere. They stuck with their traditional sound, (including their gospel background - check out 1959's Satan is Real LP) and broke up the act in 1963. Although covered by artists like Gram Parsons, Emmylou Harris, and Dolly Parton, their songs receive little airplay now, but are popular in the repertoire of many bluegrass artists.

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