The look of this
should be evident

to you as to myself
were I to look in

a mirror

were I to look in
to you as to myself

I would see evidence of this glittering love

less like a drug and more like air
less like fear and more like longing

everyone can see this on my face

the drama and stress melting away

like bad memories
of things that never happened
like tears in the rain
of lonely spirits

like sin

sometimes your hands are clumsy
sometimes your feet are unsure

I have kept the reason for this a secret;

(sometimes i wrap myself in your grace
selfishly take it from your limbs
and cover my heart in it)

which is why I'll let you walk
with my heart in your hands
for the rest of our days

this way your hands
and your feet

and my heart
and my soul

can share

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