mlife has been promoted recently (February/January 2002) through one of those annonying ad campaigns of "we're not gonna tell you! we'll tease you into looking it up!".

These techniques peaked during Super Bowl XXXVI, with a number of ads featuring different people asking if the other people had an mlife, or who had a mlife or similar questions.

It was not until the final commerical that they alluded to the fact that it was a service of AT&T Wireless.

Mlife is actually a service that seems somewhat interesting; but it's essentially a collection of personalization services for your AT&T Wireless phones. Right now, it's simply putting together the current services of SMS, directions, weather, etc etc. They allude to more, but right now it's just that.

The ironic part to all of this is that AT&T Wireless spent probably somewhere in the range of 4.5 - 5 million dollars was down for most of the game. Even AT&T Wireless's web site was down. Wonderful planning. That seems to be the level of connection between marketing and operations in most business I've worked in as well.

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