There is a good story behind this album name. While touring for the previous album to "Land" (the proto-industrial "Twitch") the Ministry boys landed themselves in a small town. They all went into the local diner for a cup of coffee after a long show. At this time many of the Lyrics for "Land" had been written but there was no title for this album yet. The band was served their coffee while attempting to come up with a name for the next album. On the coffee cup was the cities motto... "The land of rape and honey." Rape in this case being a type of grain. So they saw this. It tickled them in a place where if a member of the opposite sex tickled them there they would say "oooo-aaaa," and a famous industrial album was born.

The punny nature of this continued in later albums and works including such great jokes as:
The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste
Psalm 69: The way to succeed (suck seed) and the way to suck eggs.
The Dark Side of the Spoon
And these are just album names. Within the lyrics for minstry there is much much more of this sort of shennanigans going on.

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