The Jody Grind:
Kelly Hogan (Murray)(Vocals)
Bill Taft (Guitar)
Robert Hayes (Bass) (Deceased)
Walter Brewer (Drums & percussion) (Deceased)

The delightfully ecclectic mix of blues, alternative rock, and southwestern country produced during Atlanta band The Jody Grind's shot at fame in the early nineties gave them but a glance at stardom, which was soon shattered by the loss of bassist Robert Hayes and percussionist Walter Brewer, who died in a car accident in 1992.

The band's widely acclaimed album, "One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure" hosted an assortment of original music and covers from long ago, infused with the band's own smoky but oddly refreshing flavor. Its widespread appeal and offbeat color soon earned them acclaim in indie rock circles. However, due to the loss of the band's bassist and percussionist, the remaining members of the group were forced to disband. Kelly Hogan moved to Chicago, where she began several side projects, among them releases with the Rock*A*Teens (not to be confused with A-Teens, a band of pop kids who do ABBA covers) and a number of solo projects. Kelly Hogan's jazzy, sultry voice and upbeat attitude seem to make musical success on some level inevitable, and she maintains a small but devout following.

The Jody Grind's releases, meanwhile, are nearly impossible to find... and I kick myself hourly for having lost the copy of One Man's Trash I once had. You may have some luck finding copies online.

The Jody Grind's discography is as follows:

"One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure"
(DB Recs, 1990)
01. Peter Gunn
02. One Man's Trash(Is Another Man's Treasure)
03. Eight Ball
04. Mood Indigo
05. Death of Zorba
06. Blue and Far
07. The Governor of Hong Kong
08. Just Because You Wear Big Shoes
09. It Ain't Necessarily So
10. Love, Love Alone
11. Wishin' and Hopin'
12. My Darlin'
13. Florida Maine

"Lefty's Deceiver"
(DB Recs, 1992; Cannot locate track information)

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