A novel by Frank Herbert and Bill Ransom which essentially chronicles a colony of human clones on an inhospitable planet

But it is more than that. A lot more. In a nutshell, the AI ship from Destination: Void establishes the colony, all life seems to be hostile to mankind, a cruel geneticist rules on the planet, and a cruel psychologist rules on the ship. People try to survive between the two, while the Ship plays its own game.

The name of the book is confused because the geneticist's name is Jesus, but the focus is when the Ship takes a woman to watch Christ be crucified (hologram or time travel is never sufficiently cleared).

Worth noting that this story had a massive impact on the design of Sid Meier's game Alpha Centauri. And I do mean massive. Not to take anything from Sid, but it is essentially the Jesus Incident Computer Game.

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