An early piece (1907) of speculative fiction by American novelist and socialist Jack London (pseudonym for John Griffith Chaney).

I'm surprised that this book hasn't gotten more press over the last couple of years, particularly considering the anti-WTO Battle in Seattle. The exact thing that these young anarchists and socialists are decrying, the consolidation of hegemonic political and economic control in the hands of a plutocratic few, is the crux of the novel's action. The amazing thing is that London saw all this coming some 93+ years ago.

It features all the London tropes: the Ubermensch hero, the mendacity and ruthlessness of the Oligarchs, class struggle played out as a force of nature, like a hurricane.

Later, the entire structure of the novel, right down to the narrative framing and sequencing, is ripped off by William Pierce in The Turner Diaries.

See The Turner Diaries and The Iron Heel.

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