Wouldn't it be great to invent an idea that sweeps the nation, like David Letterman (re)inventing the catch phrase, "Elvis has left the building", an internet phenom like All Your Base Are Belong to Us, or like the person who came up with the idea for the wave in sports arenas.

My idea for "The Hush" works like this... imagine you are a fan of the Minnesota Vikings football team (okay, whatever) and they are defending their goal line against the Dallas Cowboys, and it's fourth down and goal-to-go, and the fans are screaming their heads off, DEFENSE, DEEE-FENSE!!, and as the quarterback steps up to take the snap the crowd noise mysteriously stops, in unison. The opposition is confused and unnerved by the deafening silence, the ball is snapped but the offensive linemen think it's a broken play and the QB is sacked! Woo-Hoo!!

Okay, I know, but in the movie version of my life it works flawlessly - the idea of The Hush is promoted by local media, the opposition has no idea, the audience is cued by the scoreboard, and there are no jokers who yell somthing stupid during that perfect moment. What the hell, let's say it's the key play for a Vikings Superbowl victory.

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