I hope you get this. John risked his life to get it to you. I pray you receive this.

Take the children, and get out of here. Go, get as far away from the Kingdom as you can. Maybe you only have a few hours.

She will look for you, and she is angry, full of evil, she wants vengeance. It is too late for me, do not wait. God knows, I don't want to die, not like this, but there is no way out. I'm done for. You cannot help me. If you try, you will die too. She's hell bent on vengeance. She's much worse than I've ever seen her.

I don't know how she knows. After she asked me to do ... that thing that I could not do, that no decent man could do ... first I thought she was fooled. She seemed satisfied by the piece of meat I gave.

But she found out, somehow - that the child lives. I suppose she lives, I don't know where. But, somehow, maybe by her foul magic, she found out.

Run. Disguise yourselves, leave, go far from here. She will kill you like she will kill me.

I love you. I lo

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